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Capital Custodian is an expert in asset protection and investments in secure jurisdictions. Retired, working at home or abroad, it makes sense to consider an offshore investment. Offshore in this context means investing or banking in a secure location far away from your country of residence. For tax purposes, it is still very possible to efficiently manage your wealth by utilising offshore tax havens and banking products. Confidential banking or investments are not dead but can be structured through the use of Trusts or Fiduciaries. Legitimately you can place a layer of secrecy between your wealth and the prying eyes of your government or spouse.

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What We Do

Offshore Financial Advice

A lot of investors are uncomfortable about offshore investments, due to uncertainty and trust issues. We can overcome these challenges to enable our clients to utilise opportunities in offshore markets through our ex-pat financial advice.

Investment Brokerage

We have knowledgeable advisors and partners with the independence and flexibility to broker deals in stocks, fixed income, money markets, convertible securities, and individual, government, and corporate bonds.

Fiduciary & Trusts

The application of fiduciaries and trusts is proven to protect and preserve assets in the fulfilment of personal or family financial goals. We can secure your wealth from generation to generation and maintain confidentiality.

Regulatory Compliance

We understand national and global regulatory requirements like FATCA, KYC, GDPR, AML/CTF, UBO, and more. We ensure our clients meet their obligations while not circumventing regulations.

Asset Management

Our partners have deep investment expertise in offshore jurisdictions to help you achieve your investment goals. We offer tailored solutions from portfolio design to asset allocation based on your unique needs.

Tax Planning

​Our goal is not to assist our clients in evading taxes, but to help them avoid paying more taxes than they should. We work with no-tax jurisdictions and available structures within the ambits of national and global laws.​

Our People

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Christian Huber-Messmer Managing Partner
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Ella Köhler Head of Nominee Services
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Daniel Thrussell Senior Advisor
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Cooper Rowley Senior Advisor
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Matt Attwood Operations Manager
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Nadia Hall Secretary

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